Carpet and Floor Care Guide

How to keep your
carpet looking new


Professional cleaning
Removal of spots and spills
General guide to removing spots



1. Frequent vacuuming to remove soil and dirt

Vacuum regularly to help keep soil from becoming embedded in the carpet. This will help maintain the appearance of your carpet and prevent it from looking dull and faded.

Light Traffic Areas should be vacuumed twice a week and moderate to heavy traffic areas more frequently. Be sure to make several passes over heavy traffic areas to ensure that all dirt is removed.



2. Periodic professional cleaning

No matter how careful you are with spills and vacuuming, all carpet needs to be professionally cleaned periodically. Professional cleaning will help maintain a fresh, bright look.



3. Prompt removal of spots and spills

Immediate attention to spots and spills will make removal easier. Depending on what caused the spot or stain, removal of spots can be simple or require several applications. Gently blot the spot being cleaned. Never use a circular motion, scrub or brush because this will destroy the texture of the carpet. Avoid saturating the carpet.



General spot removal procedure

NOTE: The following procedure is given as a guideline only, different chemicals have a varying effect on different carpets and fibers. We accept no responsibility for any damage which may arise if the following spot removal instructions are followed. In short, if you are not sure - call in a professional carpet cleaner.

If you know what caused the spot use the spezialised stain removal guide to find and begin at the appropriate step, otherwise begin removal with Step 1.


Supplies to have on hand

White paper towels, Dish washing detergent or mild laundry detergent that contains no lanolin or bleach, Household ammonia, White vinegar Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, Brick or heavy book wrapped in plastic to be used as weight.



Step 1. Unknown and greasy spots

If stain remains, proceed to Step 2.
For coffee or tea stains proceed to Step 3.



Step 2. If stain persists

(Do not use on coffee or tea stains. For these stains proceed to Step 3.)



Step 3. For coffee and tea



Specialized stain treatments

Steps To Remove 

Asphalt 1 3 Hand Lotion 1 3
Ballpoint 1 3 Ice Cream 1 3
Beer 3   Ink 1 3
Blood 3   Make-up 1 3
Candy 3   Mud 3  
Catsup 3   Nail Polish 3  
Cheese 3   Oil 1 3
Chocolate 3   Paint 1 3
Coffee 3   Play Dough 1 3
Cola 3   Rust 3  
Cough Syrup 3   Shoe Polish 1 3
Crayon 1   Soft Drinks 3  
Dirt 3   Soy Sauce 3  
Drink Mix 2   Tea 3  
Egg 3   Urine 3  
Excrement 3   Vomit 3  
Fruit Juice 2 3 White Glue 3  
Grease 1 3 Wine 3  

Stains That Can't Be Removed
Some spills contain chemicals that discolor or even damage carpet fibers or dye. If you have doubts about what caused the spot or how to remove it, contact a professional carpet cleaner.



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